Lyra, also known as aerial hoop or circeaux, is a steel or aluminum hoop suspended in the air.  A lyra class builds skill moving through various tricks and poses while the hoop is either static, spinning or swinging . Each class consists of a proper cardiovascular warm-up and flexibility training and is followed by guided technique instruction. Each lyra class concludes with a brief cool down. 6 students/class. A reservation must be made to attend.

Level 1

This is a great place for beginners to start! Proper body alignment and awareness will be taught,  as well as fundamental lyra moves and strengthening techniques.

Level 2

This upper level lyra class builds off of the foundations taught in the level 1 class. This is our advanced class and is not suitable to beginners.

**Please allow about an hour after eating before attending class. Absolutely NO drinking alcohol or operating under the influence of drugs. 

Lyra Level Descriptions

New Lyra Level System!.jpg