Aerial and acroyoga are ways to improve self confidence, enhance fearlessness, increase strength and express yourself creatively. Our programming is structured to fit the needs of students at all levels. You'll find yourself challenged like never before. Have fun, you're in good hands! 

New students will follow our roadmap to success in order to:

  1. Build a strong foundation for your practice. You will be required to demonstrate proper form & technique and receive verbal approval from one of our instructors before moving on to harder classes. This helps keep your practice strong and your body safe. 

  2. Help you move on to advanced courses. New students must complete a specific list of prerequisites to advance. This allows us to ensure you stay safe and avoid injury during your aerial training. There may be exceptions made based on physical ability and understanding of the art. These exceptions will be made on a student-by-student basis. 

  3. Enhance your respect and understanding of the craft. Aerial art takes strength, endurance and grace. It is a decades old practice that is slowly becoming more mainstream. It is a core philosophy of our studio to instill our students with an understanding of aerial culture and a respect for the artistry that goes into the practice.  




The suggested roadmap below is a guide on how to progress through our class offerings. Some individuals require more classes to progress than others, or additional conditioning. Utilizing our open gym sessions to review what you learn in class is a great way to stay on top of your training! 

Aerial Silks Levels Description

Lyra Levels Description

Acroyoga Description


WHAT TO WEAR: Think yoga. Wear something to cover the backs of your knees and torso. A proper leotard is highly suggested. No loose clothing, No bell bottom pants or jeans. No shoes or socks. No zippers, ABSOLUTELY NO RINGS or dangly jewelry. Silks can tear and cannot be used once torn. Please respect our studio space and help us treat the apparatus with care. 

We enforce a $15 fee for no shows without a 24 hour cancellation. If you believe you will not be able to attend class please be proactive in canceling out of your class 24 hours in advance online or by calling or emailing the studio to avoid any no-show, late cancellation fees.

Pricing and Purchase Policy

  • Aerial & Yoga sales are final sales. No refunds.
  • Passes are non-transferable.
  • All packs expire in 6 months.
  • New Student special expires 45 days after first class.
  • Schedule and teacher subject to change.
  • 24 hour cancellation policy – you will be charged a $15 fee for late cancellations or no shows

We are located at:

132 9th st. (Kryolan Building)

3rd Floor, #302 (Must be buzzed up)

San Francisco, CA 94103


There is two-hour paid parking surrounding the building until 6:30 six days a week, free on Sunday. Please do not come earlier than 15 minutes before your class. No one will be there to let you in. If attending a class at night please do not hang out on 9th St. Use the buddy system, if possible to walk to your cars or BART. if you drive do not leave items of value in your vehicle. 

If you are totally new to our studio, please arrive 15 minutes before class to fill out necessary paper work and become acquainted with our studio culture. We enforce a STRICT 10 minute rule: If you are late 10 minutes or more you will not be allowed into the class as this is unsafe due to not receiving a full and proper warm up. If you do not show up for your reserved spot, then it may be given to a standby student. 


questions, comments, concerns, epiphanies send to info@aerialartique.com