Alex “Lex” Morgan Baesen is a San Francisco based aerialist, dancer, acrobat, choreographer, and teacher. She specializes in dance trapeze but works with a variety of aerial apparatus including static trapeze, lyra, hammock, rope, and silks. When working as a soloist, duo, or ensemble member, Lex brings her captivating stage presence and unparalleled fluidity to every performance. Her unique movement style has been described by mentors and peers as “sensual”, “hypnotic”, and “galactic.”

Lex started her aerial practice in 2014 while obtaining her BA in Dance Performance and Choreography. Outside of her aerial practice, Lex has over a decade of experience in dance and acrobatics. In thirteen years of training Lex has performed a wide range of dance and theatre forms including Ballet, Modern, West African (via New Guinea), Contemporary, Acrobatic Dance, Clown, Neutral and Larval Mask, and Melodrama.

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