Alex Allan. Theatre Choreographer

Alex Allan; Guest Instructor Sept 2017-Nov 2017

Influenced by his background in theatre, Alex is committed to the art of storytelling. His work commonly explores human experience, believing in the potential of movement to convey that which words cannot. His extensive education in theatre, circus and dance has inspired him to blend the boundaries of these physical mediums, creating a unique style of performance. Alex has performed with Teatro Zin Zanni, Acrobatic Conundrum, as a choreographer and dancer for the Seattle's Men in Dance Festival and has collaborated on several new works with Zaccho Dance Theatre.

As a coach, Alex works closely with his students to facilitate an embodied understanding of efficient movement pathways and dynamic aerial technique. His methodology also helps his students to find their own authentic movement quality. Alex has taught workshops on several continents including Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, most recently having completed a workshop tour of the U.S. covering 30 studios in 15 states.