Clara LaFrance, Circus Artist

About Clara LaFrance

Clara LaFrance is a circus performer and instructor. She loves the strength, beauty and grace of aerial performance and specializes in aerial fabric and trapeze. 

Before she started circus training, she was a graphic designer and performed as a living statue street performer, rewarding audiences with stillness, poise, and a rare smile. A series of fortunate adventures led from graphic design in Boston to street theater in London to an aerial skill-share in Boston, where she fell in love with aerial fabric. She continued aerial and circus training at New England Center for Circus Arts, completing a nine month Professional Track Program, training fabric and double sling, as well as German wheel. She also trains and performs duo trapeze and duo acrobatics.

Clara has had the honor of performing at varied venues including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and the woods of Vermont. She happily joined the exceptional coaches at Aerial Artique, teaching  adult aerial classes in a Asupportive, encouraging environment.