Davide Di Censo, Acro Yoga Teacher

 About Davide Di Censo

Davide is an Ashtanga Vinyasa, AcroYoga and AcroFit teacher in the SF Bay Area. He has been practicing and teaching Acroyoga and hand balancing in the US and internationally since 2009. He enjoys working on skills that train functional strength and core stability while promoting awareness of the body and constant presence of the mind. Davide integrates concepts from multiple movement modalities and loves to geek out on bio-mechanics and body awareness during his classes.


His Acroyoga classes are filled with inversions, strong flier moves and an unsettling amount of fundamentals. He believes that “simple skills executed well” are the core of a healthy and advanced practice and help develop precision, create stability and cultivate mindfulness.


For privates with Davide email him at: davide@davideyoga.com


Website: www.davideyoga.com // Instagram: @davideyoga