Emily Reuman, Acro Performer

Emily Reuman

From breakdancing to ballet, Emily has studied a wide range of movement modalities. She fell in love with the concept of play and has been going steady with acro ever since. Her background in partner dance heavily influences her technique and philosophy. She currently studies Ashtanga yoga under Magnolia Zuniga, as well as hand balancing, contortion, fusion, flow movement, and contemporary dance. She travels regularly to train and play at the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, CA. 

Emily's favorite part of teaching is breaking down complex movements into simple, fun steps that help students to perform skills that they never thought possible. She considers herself a perpetual learner and aims to learn from every student.

Emily has collaborated, taught, performed, and studied with members of various schools of partner acrobatics including AcroYoga, SeattleAcro, YogaSlackers, Acro Yoga Montreal, Flight School Acrobatics, Partner AcrobaticsAcro Revolution, Dutch Acrobats, and Acrobatic Yoga Motion Design. She does not subscribe to any one school of movement. 

Emily is also a professional acro performer available for booking. 

For Private classes with Emily, please email her at reuman@gmail.com