Location Change FAQ

Why Is Aerial Artique moving?

After almost 6 years at the current location, our building has been purchased by Sunhill properties and we will not be given the option to renew our lease at 132 9th St. We are committed to our mission of serving the Aerial Artique community and we hope to continue to serve your practice for many years to come at our new location. 

When Exactly Is Aerial Artique Moving?

The last day of classes at the 132 9th st location will be Sunday, February 16th, 2020. 

Is Aerial Artique Going To Go Out Of Business?

Our plan is to continue serving the community for as long as possible. The closing of the current location and move to a new location will hopefully create a more sustainable business for the future.

Are Prices Going Up?

It is a consideration, especially given the increasing costs of running a small business. As of now, we are choosing not to raise prices. Our pricing remains competitive with other studio pricing. We believe Aerial Artique provides exceptional value for the number of classes and the quality of teaching. 

Is Aerial Artique For Sale Or Are You Going To Sell?

Aerial Artique is not for sale and we do not have any intention of selling the business at this time.

Where Do I Send My Feedback About The Schedule?

You can send feedback and requests to info@aerialartique.com.