Myles, Aerial Hoop Performer

About Myles

Myles’ training began in 2014 at Esh Circus Arts in Boston, where he fell in love with aerial hoop for the variety of options it presented for creative movement. This devotion to movement exploration deepened after moving to San Francisco, where he began to develop his own uniquely dynamic style on hoop and expanded his training to include rope, straps, and duo trapeze.


By combining unexpected movement pathways, expressive lines, and dynamic drops and rolls, Myles creates performances that are at once graceful and thrilling. He is equally dedicated to conveying meaningful stories and developing dramatic choreography to engage, enthrall, and entertain audiences, and constantly strives to improve as an artist and performer.


Committed to empowering his students to achieve their aerial hoop and conditioning goals at every level, Myles uses his analytical and artistic background to break down skills and choreography into progressions that set students up for success and allow their individual creativity to flourish.

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