Erin Shredder, Circus Artist

About Erin Shredder

Erin Shredder is on a mission to enlighten and inspire by example. Strength, style, and the courage to shine combine to create her testament to the moment…don’t underestimate it’s potential. Anything is possible.

Thriving on adventure and self-discovery, this hoop artist extraordinaire has a passion for circles and beauty and a demonstrated mastery of both. Erin Shredder is a professional circus artist who spends much of her time spinning on the aerial lyra, deftly manipulating any number of hula hoops (sometimes on fire), and lowering the jaws of the general populous.

By early 2006, Erin Shredder was contracted for her first national tour of the US with the New Cole Brothers Circus performing for over half-a-million spectators in 97 cities spanning over 11 months. Upon returning to San Francisco,  Shredder Hoops was recruited by Vau de Vire Society.

Erin Shredder has performed across the US at high profile events and recently completed a tour across the US.

Erin Shredder finds inspiration through all whom she meets. She recognizes that each being is unique and has the ability to shine bright. When you exist at your highest potential, all you need will be provided.

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