Stephanie Bailey, Aerial Silks Artist

About Stephanie Bailey

Stephanie Bailey has always been an athletically driven individual, and finally discovered aerial arts in a grass roots way in San Luis Obispo, California. She fell in love at first flight in a fire/circus artist photo-shoot then hit the ground running with exciting new training. She and three other women put their wings together to open the doors of Suspended Motion Aerial Arts in 2009 in cozy little “SLO." She began training in aerial silk, then discovered the pleasures of working with hammock, rope, cube, and finally lyra. She finally made a leap of faith and moved up to San Francisco, as she was recruited by Vau de Vire Society in September of 2014, and has been working hard to keep up with the big city vibes. Currently, she focuses mostly on training contortion in her hoop and on the ground, but still keeps herself agile in the fabric as well. For the last year, Steph has also been working with world-renowned Mongolian contortionist Serchmaa Byamba, gaining experiential knowledge of proper postures, technique, and flow with flexibility on the ground.

In addition to all of her training, she has been teaching on and off since 2009, with a focus on foundation and play. She invites her students to adopt a concept of exploration once they have a good idea of how to move efficiently with their apparatus. She and students work together to build sequences that students can individualize for their unique strengths. Conditioning and flexibility training is very important in her class in order to maximize the possibilities in play mode. Safety and longevity are key words in her classes. She wants all of her students to fully realize the long term benefits of keeping their bodies intact while training hard. She is currently teaching aerial arts to youth and adult students around the San Francisco area, but at Aerial Artique you can find her lyra and flexibility classes on Wednesday nights. 

For private instruction, please feel free to contact her at