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Momentum & Pathways

Momentum & Pathways workshop will focus on the following:

  • Iron out momentum drills, beats, switches, pick ups using momentum.
  • Preps for drops with out using your hands to wrap/set up for the drop.
  • Pathway sequencing, transitions, and translation.

Julia will teach sequences that will help students with there rope vocabulary, these sequences will help them make connections to similar movements/wraps that they already know.

Please bring layers to avoid rope burns! Come early to warm up. This workshops hopes to be in the air for the entire 2 hours! 

Pre-Reqs: Level 2 and up

***Please note if you purchase multiple workshops of Julia's you must enroll yourself in the other workshops manually!***If you have any questions please call the studio for assistance! 

A message from Julia:

"My mission through teaching corde lisse and other aerial apparatus's is to invoke your luminous black rainbow; that is your inner elegant ninja! Let's start by connecting pathways, those layers of luminous colors, let's blend them together using momentum. Everything in aerial ends in a hip key or starts in a hip key, or passes through a meat hook, an inversion, whatever the pathway may be. They all connect like Legos, with the help of momentum this connection can be seamless and fluid. At the end of your effervescent rainbow lies a pot filled with gold! This is your bag of trix! I want innovate your pot of gold, lets diversify these shiny gems. To do this we will work on descending sequences, unique preps for drops, dynamic transitions out of trix, stagnate poses, and of course, my personal favorite, drops to an OPEN position. Most importantly I want to help you connect pathways and if you'd like to take it a step further, those pathways can all be connected with the flare of momentum."

**All payments are non-refundable, but may be converted into Aerial Artique account credit (minus a $15 processing fee) if cancellation is received more than 72 hours before workshop.