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The Lab

You can think about your aerials with 3 pillars; conditioning, technique, and artistry. In this class, we’re going to set aside the first two (how often does that happen!) and explore the last one. It’s the pillar where expression, emotion, and styling reign supreme but for many of us it’s the one that is the scariest. There isn’t a recipe to become artistic, no step by step guide. So instead, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and follow the advice of an amazing woman; “It’s time to take chances, make mistakes, and GET MESSY!”

Classes will focus on drills that force a creativity in the same way a deadline forces productivity, and they’ll take you outside of your usual practice motions. Drills from Rain Anya, Rachel Strickland and Kerri Kresinski will feature among others to assemble a toolkit of ways to tap into your artistry. Classes are drop in, but like any other muscle your creative muscle gets stronger the more you use it, so repeated weeks are highly encouraged.

Pre-Reqs: Level 3 or higher is required as confidence in the air is essential to ensuring that any mistakes are purely creative ones.

This is a special 4 week class series. To enroll please sign up as you would a regular class.