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Rolling up with Terry Crane

Rolling up is about learning how to use your core strength and flexibility, as well as organizing your body to use balance and weight to your advantage. In this workshop, we begin on the ground and learn a progression of exercises to which will break down the technique to roll up the rope. As time permits, we’ll work on a variety of knots and styles of rolling up the rope.

Pre-reqs: 1 year of rope or tissue training, ability to do 4 pull-ups, ability to do 4 bent-arm, or 2 straight-arm straddle-ups, and windmill/wheel down like a champion.

$75 for single enrollment

$135 when enrolling in two workshops

$190 or all three offerings


*All payments are non-refundable but may be converted into Aerial Artique account credit (minus a $15 processing fee) if cancellation is received more than 72 hours before the workshop.

*To be added to the waitlist, please email Katie our front desk manager at

About Terry:

Terry Crane surrendered to restless urges that led him to walk calmly away with the circus at the tender age of 20. With a degree in dance from Oberlin College, his circus journey led him to the San Francisco Circus Center, the Montreal National Circus School, and the Beijing International Acrobatics School. A veteran of the big top and the stage, he has performed in countless countries for various companies, including Teatro Zinzanni, les 7 Doigts de la Main, and Circus Monti. Terry is delighted to share his love of rope technique, circus creation, and collaboration via workshops across the globe. As a director, Terry is on a relentless quest to tell true fictions, contradict human isolation, and portray paradox.